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About Us

At KidiDayCare, our dedicated team of educators is committed to providing a nurturing environment where children learn, explore, and flourish. We focus on holistic development, fostering a love for learning through interactive activities and engaging lessons. With a blend of care and education, KidiDayCare is where your child’s journey towards lifelong success begins.

We are dedicated to providing the best child day care services in severn for every child in our care. With our nurturing environment, experienced staff, and comprehensive programs, we empower children to learn, grow, and succeed.

Vision & Mission

Child Development & Education

Child development and education are inseparable at Kididaycare. We embrace a holistic approach that nurtures cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth, laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning and success.
We believe in building strong partnerships with parents and families to support the holistic development of each child.Our team of dedicated educators and caregivers are passionate about early childhood education and committed to providing the highest quality care.
Our Activities

How We Run Our Day


Discover our well-structured day at Kididaycare, filled with engaging lessons, interactive play, nutritious meals, and caring guidance, ensuring each child’s growth, happiness, and development.


Midday at Kididaycare brings a balance of learning and rejuvenation. After engaging lessons, children enjoy nutritious meals and structured play, fostering growth and well-being.


In the afternoon at Kididaycare, learning continues through creative activities, group projects, and outdoor exploration. Our well-rounded schedule promotes growth and fun-filled experiences.